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Rowcroft Hospice drives the agenda for enhanced dementia and palliative care support

Rowcroft Hospice has successfully hosted the UK Dementia and Palliative Care Conference, the first of its kind in the South West. Sponsored by Friends Helping at Home and in partnership with The Ness Care Group and The Filo Project, the day brought together local, national and international leaders with over 100 delegates at the Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre on Tuesday 26 March.


Spa range

Find your element with new Spa Menu at Wishes

A stunning new approach to wellbeing has recently been introduced at Wishes near Crediton.

The innovative ‘spa menu’ offers a personalised choice of treatments and therapies based around the five Chinese elements; wood, water, earth, metal and fire.

Guests are firstly invited to complete a questionnaire to pinpoint which element they have a natural affinity with. Relevant...

New mum’s brain tumour shock after breastfeeding misdiagnosis

A Plymouth woman who was diagnosed with a brain tumour after being told her symptoms were due to breastfeeding is sharing her story during Brain Tumour Awareness Month .

Fiona Donald, 41, from Plympton was diagnosed with a meningioma in November 2018, 14 months after giving birth to her son, Ralph. Doctors told the then 35-year-old the pain in her neck was due to her breastfeeding...

Cranbrook calls for volunteers

An exciting series of events is being planned in Cranbrook this year with the aim of supporting residents to be more active and helping the town to celebrate its 13-year anniversary.

The events are being planned by Move More Cranbrook, the Sport England supported programme that aims to help residents in the town to lead more active lives.

And following the success of events...

All you need to know about wearing dental rentainers

A retainer is an important part of your dental care, especially after you’ve had braces. While not mandatory, wearing a retainer is essential if you aim to maintain straight and properly aligned teeth in the long term. Retainers comes in different types, giving you flexibility when choosing the right one. Options range from custom-made and removable devices like the Angel Aligner to permanent...

Humble fruit fly could help find brain tumour cure

The humble fruit fly is helping scientists who are working to find a cure for brain tumours.

And the tiny insect, often viewed as a household nuisance, has helped researchers to better understand mechanisms which turn a healthy cell into a tumour cell.

The work is taking place at the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence at the University of Plymouth and is helping us...

Women now offered free contraceptive pills in pharmacies

Women in England can now get a first prescription of the pill and repeat orders without having to see a GP, in a move that makes access to free contraception even more convenient.

Pharmacies across the country are now offering the new service, increasing choice for women in the ways in which they can access contraception.

The rollout is part of the government and the NHS’s...

Over-70s are embracing tech and changing stereotypes to stay connected to loved ones

PLYMOUTH’S over-70s are bucking the age-related stereotype by embracing digital technology to tackle social isolation and stay connected.

A recent survey asked people aged over 70 about their use of online platforms, with more than 80% of over-70s saying they were confident using the internet, social media, and tech devices.

The Specsavers survey, in partnership with Royal...

Estrogen and Aging: Managing Hormonal Changes as Men Get Older

As men get older, their hormone levels change, including decreasing levels of testosterone and increasing levels of estrogen. This shifting hormonal balance can lead to various effects on men's health. Understanding these changes is key to managing health and vitality with age.

What Causes Estrogen Levels to Rise with Age?

All people naturally produce some estrogen, although women...

New Wellness Retreats at Soar Mill Cove Hotel, South Devon

New Wellness Retreats at Soar Mill Cove Hotel, South Devon

Soar Mill Cove Hotel , offering the epitome of comfort and luxury against the staggering backdrop of the South Devon coast, has announced the introduction of a series of new wellness retreats, with its first Winter Wellness Day taking place on Sunday, February 25th.

Set in a quiet valley at the end of a lane to...

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