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Stats show honour based abuse numbers are on the increase

An Exeter based family law solicitor who specialises in honour based abuse cases has spoken out about the rise in cases over the past two years.

Director Imran Khodabocus from The Family Law Company crunched the numbers from figures obtained from police forces across the country.

The statistics are alarming, with the number of cases rising by 62 percent in two years; in 2020...

The Home Ed Daily

The Home Ed Daily Website

In today's ever-changing educational landscape, home education has become a practical choice for parents looking for a flexible and personalised approach to their children's learning journey. As they explore home ed, families discover the joys of bespoke education and self-directed learning. The shift away from the traditional school environment has liberated families from the daily grind of...

Online casinos in the UK that accept Google Pay in 2024

As is true for entertainment choices around the rest of the UK, online casino gaming has become a firm favourite with people in Devon. From playing the latest slots to kill time on a work break to using online casinos to beat boredom at home or while waiting for friends, this way of having fun has really taken hold across the county.

As well as the awesome slots iGaming sites deliver...

Where to Experience Tron Casino Gaming in Devon

Fun can happen anytime, any place. It’s all thanks to the power of the Internet - be it at home or one of our best public places in Devon. Maybe you’re looking for a way to win a little extra money? That’s where online casino gaming may come in handy.

Some of them accept payment methods like cryptocurrencies including Tron tokens (or TRX). This guide will discuss where you can play...

Can Games Really Be Helpful in Learning?

We never stop learning. We may not always realise that we’re taking in new information and building new skills, but that is exactly what happens as we go about our day, interact with others, and overcome novel challenges.

Our grey matter can even be expanded and strengthened from activities like chatting with friends, watching TV, or traveling somewhere new.

Over the last...

Poltimore Music & Arts Festival Announces First Wave of Live Bands Line-Up & Tickets On Sale

The Music in Devon Initiative (MIDI) are announcing the first wave of live bands across two stages for the 2024 Poltimore Music & Arts Festival on Friday 22nd March and that tickets are now on sale; Held in the grounds and the inside of Poltimore House over 2 days on May bank holiday Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May, the live...

Allison Homes partners with Own New to help homebuyers access lower rate mortgages

Regional housebuilder Allison Homes has partnered with Own New on its new Rate Reducer scheme*, making mortgages more affordable for property seekers in the South West with rates as low as 1.87 per cent**.

Rate Reducer is a unique mortgage that allows first and second time buyers to purchase a new build home with a lower interest rate mortgage, fixed for two or five years, and reduced...

Cultural Fusion Weddings: Blending Traditions for a Unique Celebration

Cultural fusion weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate two hearts coming together from different backgrounds where love knows no borders. These special days are not just about saying "I do" but also about weaving together the rich tapestries of two distinct cultures into one incredible celebration. Let us explore the colourful world of cultural fusion weddings and discover how couples are...

Major employer announcement key opportunity for South West

The announcement of a major new employer locating to the Gravity smart campus in Somerset has been heralded as a key opportunity for the region.

Agratas, Tata Group’s global battery business, has been confirmed as the operator of the UK’s new battery gigafactory on the Gravity campus close to junction 23 of the M5 near Bridgwater in Somerset.

It represents a £4 billion...

Five Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

Mothers are constantly putting others before themselves, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to express your appreciation for this. With the special celebration just around the corner, it can be difficult to think of the perfect gesture to show your mum how much you love her.

As most mothers will greatly appreciate a thoughtful gift over an expensive one, here are five...

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